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Mission, Goals, Pillars


Our Mission

To educate and discuss with the general public on issues pertinent to Global Africa and African Descendants through public forums and all relevant media with the intent to mobilize, galvanise and empower Pan-Africans and visionaries dedicated to the emancipation of Africa and the transformation of our planet.

Our Goals

  1. Defend and advance the rights of working people in Global Africa
  2. Emancipation and freedom from all forms of oppression 
  3. Ending all forms of colonialism, neocolonialism, and apartheid 
  4. Struggling for the unification of Africa and the freedom of African peoples world wide
  5. Standing in the forefront of opposing all forms of racism and racial capitalism 
  6. Supporting the emancipation of women and the humanization of the male
  7. Supporting the rights of queer people everywhere 
  8. Standing in solidarity with all peoples struggling against settler colonialism, occupation, and imperial terror
  9. Support struggles for reparative justice 
  10. Supporting the reconstruction and rejuvenation of Africa 

Our Pillars

  • The Full Unification of the Continent of Africa and complete freedom of Movement of the people with accelerated planning for the Union Government.
  • Global Rights for the African at home and abroad. Thus includes the rights to collective bargaining, the access to health care, to decent and relevant education, the rights to decent housing, rights to water and social and economic rights
  • Environmental repair and work to reverse the destruction of planet earth along with the environmental racism of the current social system.
  • Gender Equity, of Women – Emancipation of women and humanization of the male Gender, Equity and the reconstruction of the African family
  • Peace, Anti-imperialism and demilitarization of Africa and African communities globally
  • Infrastructure for sustainable transformation: including canals, roads, rail, bridges ICT connectivity and an interconnected grid for energy generation
  • The anti-racist struggles and struggles for the Global African Family living outside of Africa, especially the disenfranchised Africans in South America and other parts of the Americas.
  • Reparative Justice and building of the Reparations movement for the claims of those who suffered from enslavement and other crimes against humanity
  • Ending colonialism- especially the last outstanding vestiges of colonialism in Africa and the colonial outposts in the Caribbean.
  • Secularism and the rights of peoples for religious freedom, including the rights of African indigenous religious rights, and expression without coercion.