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The Global Pan African Movement Statement on the March 18th Action for Peace in Washington DC

The Global Pan African Movement, North America, has always been a movement of peace. Throughout multiple historical junctures, our movement has promoted peace and stood against war. Our stance is unapologetic and adamant.

Whereas, on Saturday, March 18th, we will be joining a coalition of peace activists and organizations to stand against the escalation of the war in Ukraine, call for an end to all military interventions by the US and to promote peace.

Whereas, in previous rallies the anti-war stance has been usurped by a group of Right Wing and zionist apologists because it serves their political interests at the moment. Their anti-war stance was opportunistic and not girded in their history or pro-peace pillars. GPAM is against the Right Wing groups who opportunistically attempt to align with progressive forces just for their benefit.

Whereas, the coalition of pro-peace activists and organizations will meet in Washington DC, the Global Pan African Movement, North America, will proudly stand alongside our comrades for peace. 

To learn more about the March 18 action, please visit:

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