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Global Pan African Movement Resolutions on 2024 Senegal Elections

On Wednesday March 27, 2024, the Global Pan African Movement, North America Delegation (GPAM) held an internal education session on the March 2024 elections in Senegal. After multiple attempts to manipulate constitutional and legal frameworks to remain in power, the Senegalese people refused, organized and took to task Senegal’s legal and electoral systems to oust the outgoing regime led by Macky Sall. To understand the processes and ideas that led to the election of formerly incarcerated opposition leader Bassirou Diomaye Faye, GPAM hosted Yassine Fall, a member of Patriotes africains du Sénégal pour le travail, l’éthique et la fraternité (Patriots of Senegal for Work, Ethics, and Fraternity, or PASTEF). Below are the resolutions that emerged after discussions:

  1. The Global Pan African Movement (GPAM) congratulates the people of Senegal, for breaking an old form of dictatorship, and to PASTEF, for its victory. 
  2. GPAM sends our solidarity to all the people of Senegal and to the leadership for their exemplary and disciplinary work in refusing the dictatorial positions that were taken in postponing the elections and successfully transferring power peacefully. 
    1. Considering the average age in Africa is about 19 years old, the role, participation, and positioning of youth and young leadership is also commendable.
  3. GPAM wants to congratulate the people of Senegal for establishing the fact that political development, political discussion, and political planning must take place in African languages. In this we congratulate the efforts of PASTEF and its leadership in beginning to strengthen the role of African languages as the basis for political discourse.
  4. GPAM commends the people of Senegal for the innovative forms of organizing among all the nine sectors that organized and participated: including the movement of intellectuals, youth, women, artists and artisans, agricultural and fishery workers, transport workers, teachers, elderly, and those with disabilities. And we especially commend them for continuing to stress the importance of the Africans abroad, who are an integral part of their organizing, and that this model of organizing shows what can be done through grassroots organizing.
  5. GPAM also commends the calls for disengagement from the monetary and fiscal shackles of imperialism, sustained through tools like the CFA. GPAM calls for paced and strategic negotiations on these matters with a necessary reflection on what happened with former anti-colonial state leaders. 
  6. GPAM stresses the Pan African character of the Senegalese people and their relationship with their neighbors, and we commend this orientation taken by the incoming political party. 
    1. GPAM anticipates and supports Senegal’s engagement with the Alliance of Sahelian states, and that the political offices of the people of Senegal will ensure that there will be better relations with all of the states of ECOWAS to ensure that there is no effort to isolate progressive social transformations in the region. 
  7. GPAM commends and supports PASTEF’s plans regarding agriculture, fishing, and other sectors, which emphasize the need to transform the economy by centering the needs and capacities of Senegalese people, and their neighbors. 
  8. GPAM calls on the incoming President, Bassirou Diomaye Faye, and his party, PASTEF, to not only remain accountable to the social forces that have brought them into power, but to ensure that Senegal continues to center Pan-Africanism in their political, social, and economic policies to further promote African unity (including Global Africa).

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