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Global Pan African Movement (GPAM) – North America Statement on the hostilities in Palestine and the Occupied Territories

The Global Pan African Movement, North American delegation stands in solidarity with the people of Palestine and especially with the peoples in all occupied territories. The peoples of Gaza have suffered disproportionately from the combined siege of Israel and Egypt. After 75 years of Israeli occupation and brutalization of the Palestinian peoples, it is now acknowledged by even liberal fronts such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International that Israel is an apartheid state. The Global Pan African Movement (GPAM) will remind all of the complicity of this current apartheid state with the defeated apartheid state of South Africa. The current war against the Palestinian peoples is not only a continuation of decades of violence, but is also the most recent of the more than 10 wars that have been fought by the Israelis against the peoples of Palestine and the region. 

Of these recent wars, the sterling resistance of the peoples in the occupied territories at the Battle of Jenin (2002) and the 50 day war (2014) demonstrated the strength of the Palestinian peoples. Since the defeat of Israel in the 2006 war against Hezbollah and the war against Hamas in 2021, the Israeli political system has drifted so far to the extreme right that up until October 7, Israel did not have a functioning government. 

To break the diplomatic isolation of Israel in the global South, the US government had been promoting the so-called Abraham Accords in order to ensnare African governments and governments of West Asia  into an alliance with the occupying Zionist entity, Israel. This alliance was being pressed beside a U.S.-brokered normalization agreement between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel had represented itself to many leaders in Africa that it was an invincible state and many Africans bought into this sense of invincibility to the point of granting Israel observer status at the African Union. African leaders who have allied themselves with Israel must reverse course and support the Palestinian peoples. The invincible apartheid state has shown itself vulnerable, weak, and terribly impotent. The barbarism and settler colonialism of the Zionist entity has conflicted a collective punishment on the people of Gaza since its inception, and can be distinguished by its indiscriminate carpet bombings on the remains of Palestine. When Africans were resisting the apartheid state in South Africa, the Palestinian peoples supported the righteous anti-apartheid struggles of Africans. GPAM supports the righteous anti-apartheid struggles of the Palestinians.

What is happening?

On October 7th, a combination of Palestinian resistance forces launched a military operation to break the heavily surveilled wall that surrounds Gaza. This highly populated and heavily sanctioned region of Palestine is home to one of the fiercest resistance movements in the country against settler colonialism. Contrary to the liberal western media’s attempt to frame all Palestinian resistance as Hamas, which in turn renders and seeks to delegitimize the whole military operation as Islamist militancy with terroristic characteristics; the military operation is not solely being conducted by Hamas. In fact, numerous Palestinian factions have joined forces to obliterate the blockade on Gaza and free themselves from the open-air prison. 

This operation is a result of the many years of suffering and abuse the Palestinian people have had to endure under an apartheid regime. The GPAM finds that the blame for the violence is the oppressor: Israel along with its allies Egypt and the United States. GPAM calls upon the peoples of Egypt to oppose the alliance between the Egyptian government and the Zionist entity. Other states such as Morocco and Sudan have been drawn into this alliance against the legitimate rights of the Palestinian peoples. 

The Global Pan African Movement (GPAM) condemns the United States’ involvement and aiding a single party in this conflict, by sending military equipment from its satellite military bases in Qatar and Jordan, and through the Pentagon’s navy to the Zionist entity. The hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy of the U.S. is evident in its support for the occupation of Gaza. Furthermore, GPAM condemns the back-tracked attempts and considerations of the European Union and individual European states to cease dispensing financial aid to Palestine, while simultaneously making statements in support of the Zionist entity. 

GPAM wants to remind Global Africa of the following:

  • First, the Zionist entity has funded and supported anti people elements in Africa when they clearly disregard self-determination of a people. This positions the entity as a threat to the Global South’s unity against apartheid and further balkanization. 
  • Second, words echoed by Israeli bureaucrats, such as Defense Minister Yoav Gallant’s statement, “we are fighting human animals” are all too familiar to Africans and descendant Africans’ whose dehumanization has been used to justify the crimes committed against them. The terminology of terrorists and terror are used to obscure the reality that people are resisting Zionism and crimes against humanity. 
  • Third, the entity has been implicated for using Palestine as a laboratory, from which it tests and exports repressive technology, from weaponry to surveillance software, to repressive political regimes across the world. 

The Palestinian people have a political and legal right to armed resistance, a right that is enshrined in the United Nations Charter, 1970 UNGA resolution 2625, and UNGA resolution 37/42 1982 that explicitly states:

2. Reaffirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples for independence, territorial integrity, national unity and liberation from colonial and foreign domination and foreign occupation by all available means, including armed struggle;

3. Reaffirms the inalienable right of the…Palestinian people and all peoples under foreign and colonial domination to self-determination, national independence, territorial integrity, national unity and sovereignty without outside interference

We join the global majority which calls for an end to this conflict by granting the people of Palestine the right to life and dignity and a cessation of the Israeli apartheid regime as it manifests itself through settler colonialism. As it has done in the past, Israel will undertake severe bombardment and assassination campaigns, leading to great suffering and countless casualties among the Palestinians. And as it has happened in the past again and again, this will not destroy the Palestinian resistance.

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