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Cop City


GPAM Internal Education Session

Session Information

Date: May 3, 2023

Presenter: Renee Johnston (GPAM Committee Chair)

The Global Pan African Movement, North America recognizes that increasing policing does not decrease crime and police training does not positively impact racist police violence. Further the destruction of one of only two urban forests still in existence in the US will only serve to damage the environment of Atlanta, further poisoning the air and the water in a community for which the majority of residents are descendants of Africa.

Finally, the #StopCopCity movement has stood against the building of this facility and seeks the support of organizations interested in improving the material conditions of all African descendants around the diaspora. GPAM stands with the #StopCopCity movement against the building of this facility.


Following an Internal Education session, GPAM published a statement which can be read here.


GPAM also previously issued a Statement on recent police murders, including Tortuguita, who was killed in Weelaunee Forest.

Session Presentation