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Africa Relations with China


GPAM Internal Education Session

Session Information

Date: June 7, 2023

Presenter: Dr. Horace Campbell (GPAM Chair)

The Global Pan African Movement is against blindly and obediently following the diktats of any imperial or rising powers; we stand firm against new hegemonies as we reiterate the need to make historical and dialectical analyses of political relations and realities. Bearing in mind, the Global Pan-African Movement of North America (GPAM), held an internal education session on, June 7, 2023,  on the topic of “Africa Relations with China” taught by Professor Campbell.

This internal education session on the African Relations with China, which you can watch below, was centered around the issue of the current conjuncture and the implications of the current warfare and weaponization of everything by the United States ruling elements. The internal education presentation was broken into five sections: 

  • How to understand the current conjuncture.
  • The Chinese revolution and the Bandung Process.
  • The transformations within the Chinese Revolution.
  • Africa relations with China and the changes since the reform period.
  • Plans for war against China based on the so called Thucydides Trap

Following an Internal Education session, GPAM published a statement which can be read here.

Watch the Session